Important Facts Regarding APDM

APDM is a completely different kind of software which develops for managing the school database. It provides an effective and efficient source to schools by which they can handle student information easily. In the software, the schools can upload every detail related to the students. Mainly you can upload the following details of students –

  • Name
  • Age
  • Class
  • ID number
  • Passport number
  • Attendance reports
  • Grades

Handling all these things by using a manual system brings lots of workload. Due to the workload, the teachers are not able to focus on all necessary things such as – study in class or performance of students.

Who can make changes or operate the system?

Many individuals are confused regarding the use of software on behalf of the school. They do not know that who can access it and have powers of making changes. For these types of activities, there is a school admin appointed. These individuals are not recruited specially for this particular work. School admin designation provides to one of the most trusted and present school teachers.

He/she is the only person who can access the school apdm account. In case anyone wants to access the software for making changes then he/she needs to take admin permission. If admin allows and shares log in details, then anyone can use it and modify the details.

Work of teachers

The software is not created only for maintaining personal information. It is also helpful in several other ways. It helps the teachers in assigning different subjects to different students. Here the use of the software is highly beneficial in saving lots of time and eliminating chaos from work. Now with the day to day activities use of the software is increasing. The main reason for increasing popularity is the efforts of government. Government is also promoting the use of this platform.